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Plot : In a world where magic exists, mankind has learned to use technology and magic to prosper. Ryuuga Yoshida is a boy from Kuni,with a great ability to use mana. However, his ability to use mana is so powerful, he can't control it very well. His father Kenpachi then got him into the Fortuna Academy of magic, hoping his son will learn how to use his power properly. When hearing about this, his friends Yumi and Jin joined the academy as well. What is in store for them in Fortuna Island?

Mundus is made up of Four continents, the Kuraho continent is a area with vast plains found in it's interior, with rocky mountains spread out at the western reaches. It's the smallest continent of Mundus, holding only 2 big countries, Kuni and Yang. The Alstaira continent is lush and verdant,though northern Alstairia is know for experiencing snowy weather for months, and the biggest continent of Mundus. It holds many countries, and the prestigious Fortuna Academy of Magic. Celia is a floating continent, and the second biggest continent of Mundus, however, it has only one country: Noir. The Ridoa continent's climate varies greatly by region, with it's south being heavily forested, it's west being a tropical region, it's south being a colder region due to it's proximity to northern Alstairia, and its west being an arid region.


Kuni – The biggest country in Kuraho. Although small, it is a very powerful country, and the most advanced in technology of all Mundus.
1. Kyoko Town – A quiet, prosper town surrounded by mountains. Long ago, a evil spirit was sealed in a shrine deep within the town.
2. Takara City – Kuni's capital city. The largest population center in kuni and where the country's largest stores, factories and economical estabilishments are located. 
3. Kosuka Town – A large town where Hiruma was raised. It was devastated by war but it's being restored by the twonsfolk.
4. Temple of the North Star Dragon – A sacred temple in Kosuka Town where the northern guardian dragon that watches over Kuraho  is worshiped.

Yang – A smaller country than Kuni, but one of the most influent in the world, famous for it's top notch education, defeated only by Fortuna Academy.
1. Temple of the  South Dragon – A sacred temple withing the capital where the southern guardian dragon that watches over Kuraho is worshiped


Pesa – A country with a very broad and diverse art and literature, and famous for it's culture.
Aria- The most famous touristic destination of mundus, famous for it's natural beauty.
1.Trie – Aria's Capital and one of the most financially powerful cities. Famous for it's many natural touristic spots. Alice grew up here.
Licht – This cold country is know for it's powerful military force. It is a peaceful country, despite it's powerful military force, whose purpose is to only defend its country, but never start wars.
Bodewig: A tranquil town where partying is a must. Laura grew up here.
Canacia – A small country, but the most magic advanced of Mundus, and the country  that holds Fortuna Academy within it's borders.
1. Fortuna Island – The island that is also Canacia's capital. It holds two vital locations within it: Fortuna Town and Fortuna Academy.
2. Fortuna Town – Canacia's capital city. It holds many shops and estabilishments to provide for it's small population, and the many students in Fortuna Academy.
3. Fortuna Academy- The legendary academy of magic founded by Kyouraku Kirisaki. Students from all over the world attend to it.
Vernelia –  The country where the battle between, Dragan,Jinpachi and Kyouraku against Gandalf took place. The resulting crater is a rather famous spot on this tropical, democratic country.
Neova – One of the largest countries of Mundus. Very powerful economically and politically.
1. Redhill Town – A town that guards the Hellknight. Edward Redbark was born here.
2. Raikou Town - An island filled with lightning magic users. The son of the island's lightning god ,Raikotsu, Hanamaru Shioku, was born here.
3. Snowfield Village- A cold town that holds a winter festival every year. Miku, Van and Crow were born here.

Celia, the floating continent

Noir- The country within Celia. Noir is very famous for it's mythology and democratic diplomacy.
The Royal City of Celestia – The Royal capital and the most prosperous town of Celia.
The Temple of the Gods – A sacred place to all of Mundus. A place where the gods that created Mundus are worshiped. Deep within it, it's the power that makes Celia float.


Titania - A tropical country to the west of Ridoa. A very popular touristic spot.
Radiant Town - Titania's capital, and also where Gray comes from. A temple was built in his memory here.

Fortuna Academy Exclusive Races

Felians: Humanoids with feline traits.
Hundians: Humanoids with canine traits.
Celestes: Winged humanoids who are proficient at magic. 
Lapinian: Humanoids with Bunny Ears and Tails. There is a sub-race to them called the Feral Nullard, who are forest dwellers.
Draconians: Humanoids with dragon traits.
Aevians: Humanoids with bird wings.
Tenebrian: Half-human, half-demon.


Current Characthers

Ryuuga Yoshida(Ryuujin/Human): The Protagonist. Generally quiet and solitary but tries harder to get along with other people. He tends to have trouble trusting other people sometimes. His goal at Fortuna Academy is to learn more about magic and be able to control his mana properly.

Yumi Suzuki(Human): A tomboyish, mature and very strong-willed girl, who also possesses a sweet side in her. Acts bossy sometimes. 

Jin Takamura(Human) : Ryuuga's best friend and Yumi's boyfriend. A ditzy,cheerful guy who loves fighting.

Hiruma Asashi(Demon/Human): The Fortuna Disciplinary Committee's laidback and unflappable leader. He always has a psycho grin on his face and enjoys teasing his friend Alice every chance he gets. He shows no mercy to those who disrespect the academy. 

Van Hogan(Hundian): A very loyal and somewhat daring Hundian who values doing the right thing above everything else. Like Jin, he enjoys a good fight.

Miku Nekonome(Felian) : Van's energetic girlfriend. She adores Van and likes to glomp him every time they meet.

Sora C. Ikaros(Celeste): A quiet and kindhearted Celeste girl who is also Ryuuga Yumi and Jin's childhood friend. Lived in Kyoko, but left to Celia due to her father forcing her to.

Tenshi Springfield(Celeste): Luna's Faithful butler. Very dedicated to help both his friends and his mistress.

Luna LeBlanc(Celeste): A Celeste girl who may seem spiteful and arrogant at first, but is a goodhearted person nonetheless. Despite that, she doesn't like showing weakness to other people.

Lyn Katherine(Lapinian): A mysterious, composed, bold and rather flitartious bunnygirl. Enjoys teasing Flynn.

Flynn Lowell(Human): A brave and cautious human, who sometimes he lets slip unnecessary or rude comments. Flynn also displays a very selfless and righteous attitude, always putting the other people's needs before his own. 

Crow Atlas: Local Falconian prankster who overlooks the consequences of said pranks. Naturally, it always ends up badly for him when he's caught. Fate seems to not be so gentle with him, since he always ends up in situations where he ends up being a pervert even if it's not his intention.

Shiori Brunel : A cheerful, clumsy Celeste girl who gets scared or flustered with ease. She tries her best to have a good relationship with her classmates.

Edward Redbark(Human): Created by AlphaDragonZero. A very shy boy, who is very intelligent and brave once he opens up. He has a hard time making friends. He constantly fights with a dark being within him known as the "HellKnight". 

Alice Fontaine Rosenburg(Elf): The Student Council President. An inquisitive elf girl who never gives up once she sets her mind onto something. She comes from one of the richest families in the world but she doesn't make a big deal out of her status.

Lloyd Lusene(Human): An arrogant, womanizing pompous boy who attends to the academy. An antagonist of sorts.

Tamashii Roda(Human): Created by :iconcrimson-kaizer: . A calm , polite and collected man, who's also laidback and easy going at times. One of the teachers in the academy. 

Kodachi Kimura(Human): A kindhearted teacher who goes out of his way to support his students.

Kenpachi Yoshida(Ryuujin): Ryuuga's father and mentor. Formely a student in Fortuna Academy, and known as the strongest student there.

Rose Lualdi(Human): Kenpachi's wife and Ryuuga's mother. A strong woman who will not hesitate to unleash her fury on anyone who dares to threaten her family.

Laura Reinwaldt(Elf): A rather cold elf girl who has a major superiority complex in regards to her top-rate combat abilities, as she often remarks on the surrounding people's abilities being second-rate. She never interacts with other people in the academy other than Kodachi. 

Foalyn Vitarrious (human)- an arrogant lord with a troubled past and a deep rooted hatred of dragons. Created by PrincessHanyou.

Ryna Lilliaries (human)- a peasant girl with a kind heart. believes peasants have there place in the world and accepts she'll never be with foalyn.Created by PrincessHanyou.

Lyuri Yoshida(Ryuujin/Human): Ryuuga's gentle little sister. Very attached to her brothers.

Yusei Yoshida(Ryuujin/Human): Ryuuga's rash little brother. Aims to be as strong as his brother.

Suzu Suzuki(Human): Yumi's composed little sister. Really admires her big sis and like to do everything she can to make her happy.

Aya Takamura(Human): Jin's playful little sister. Always puts her family first.

Touya Takamura(Human): Jin's rather pessimistic little brother. Always seems to think negative, but never lets that bring him down.

Beatrice Martin(Felian): One of the most popular students in Fortuna Academy, but also one of the most insufferable persons there is(according to Ryuuga) . She's selfish and arrogant, and seems to have a thing for Ryuuga.

Sister Halibel(Ryuujin): A caring Ryuujin woman who watches over the chapel in Fortuna Island. A generous soul.

Hinata Kuroe(Hundian – Fox Variation): A timid foxgirl who helps at the chapel. She has a small fox called kitsune.

Erika Randell(Human): The local outgoing shopkeeper. Has a thing for treasures. Lyn's partner in treasure hunting.

Shiro Winters(Human): An intelligent and witty girl, holding an impressive knowledge of the Academy and its workings. Although relatively calm and mature when the situation calls for it, Shiro displays a laid-back and playful demeanor most of the time. 

Ikki Satsuki(Human): Shiro's partner. Has some self-esteem issues regarding his abilities as a spy, and he feels he doesn't have what it takes to be Shiro's partner. But this is also what drives him to work harder to improve his abilities .

Kyoraku Kirisaki(Human): The academy principal and one of the most, famous and powerful mages there is. He is very calm and reasonable.

Jinpachi Yoshida(Ryuujin): Kenpachi's father, and a mage with power equal to Kyoraku. Very boisterous.

Dragan(Elf): A legendary warrior and the strongest there was, before his disappearance. Fought in a war with Kyoraku and Jinpachi against Gandalf.

Kodoku(Human): A vengeful man who holds a grudge against Kenpachi. Created by katsumi-17.

Gabriel Regis(Celeste): An ambitious man who sees himself as the man who was chosen by fate to cleanse the world and rule it as his god.

Kanade Nekonome(Felian): Miku's big sister. As playful as her sister, and a bit of a pervert.

Yue Lee(Celeste): A celeste girl who is Gabriel's faithful follower. Rather sadist.

Hanamaru Shiuku(Demigod): The son of Raikoutsu , the god of lightning. Often portrayed as being very happy and joyful. Usually trying to put a positive spin on dark situation (which almost always fail). But this disposition masquerades a lonely heart.Created by AlphaDragonZero

Kato Tetsuga(Human): A happy and upbeat assassin-for-hire, constantly smiling and in a cheery mood. Loves to show off.Created by AlphaDragonZero

Gato Tetsuga(Human): Kato's more serious and aloof brother. Very cunning and knowledgeable. Also an assassin-for-hire.Created by AlphaDragonZero

Yuna Leblanc(Celeste): Luna's quiet,shy little sister.

Timoteo Grimaldi(Human) : Works in the cafeteria with his family as the barman. 

Bertha Grimaldi (Human): Timoteo's wife. A great cook and a energetic woman.

Lina Grimaldi(Human) : Timoteo and Bertha's Daughter. Hates being treated as a child.

Chizuru Kyoya(Human): Kyoraku's assistant and the head chief of the Medical Center. Also, the teacher of Healing Arts.

Zack Kessler(Human): An upbeat teacher who tries his best to make his classes fun. Sometimes he likes to rap while teaching. Teachers History.

Karin Ringwalker(Human): A dark sorceress who seeks power. Very sadist and ambitious, but easily loses her composure.

Akira(Human): Kodoku's right hand man and Bando's worshipper.

Bando(Demonfolk): An evil warrior that was sealed deep within Kyoko Town.

Gandalf(Demonfolk): A member of the Demon race. An evil sorcerer and the most feared in existence. He was defeated in battle ages ago by Dragan, Kyouraku and Jinpachi.

D.J.Beatia(Human): A former student who was kicked out for being too violent. Created by AlphaDragonZero

Angelica Lume Ikaros(Celeste): Sora's deceased mother. A very kind and loving wife and mother.

Iori Clifford Ikaros(Celeste): Sora's Father. Highly strict and controlling. Blind to how it affects his daughter.

Kokoro Suzuki(human): Yumi's tomboyish, good-mannered mother.

Makoto Suzuki(human): Yumi's calm and composed father.

Kazuya Takamura(human): Jin's father. Since his wife "left"(Read: Jin kicked her out of because she was abusive and needlessly harsh to everyone), he's been depressive and regretful.

Hana Yoshida(Ryuujin/Human): Ryuuga's foulmouthed and rather prideful older sister. Currently engaged to Ven.

Ven Kurosaki(Ryuujin): Hana's husband and childhood friend. Very sarcastic and witty.

Rosalina Mordio(Tenebrian): An outgoing devil girl from the Academy Dancing Club.

Celina A. Karol(Human(?)): Rosa's sheltered,mysterious friend. A bit of a worrywart. Seems to highly enjoy swimming.

Marcus Brosman(human): A very ambitious man, who is very determinated at achieving his goals by any means necessary.

Sena Kuroe(Hundian – Fox Variation): Hinata's older sister who helps out at the Academy Lab. Very proud of her intellect, and very helpful.

Pepper (Dragon)- a cheerful baby dragon who loves nothing more than making sure people are happy. she can fly really fast for a dragon of her age.Created by PrincessHanyou.

Slash (Dragon)- a boisterous dragon the same age as Pepper. he loves getting in fights and although he doesn't like showing his feelings, he cares deeply for pepper. his parents were killed in the human/dragon war just minutes after he was hatched.Created by PrincessHanyou.
To help you readers to not get too lost with Fortuna Academy, I'm posting a guide with the basic stuff about it.

Faces above made with [link] by :icongen8:

Update: Changed some of the race names
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